About Flourish Day Spa

Meet Meghan 

Hi! and WELCOME to Flourish Day Spa! I am a mom to an active and outgoing 4 year old and wife to a retired Navy submariner. I had always had a passion for beauty, makeup and skin. I had suffered from acne though all of my teenage years and no matter what I used I couldn't get a clear complexion. After getting certified in esthetics and working in various medical and day spas I still could not find the answers. My adult skin was no better than my teenage skin and I was getting sick of the sensitive, red, irritated, acne skin. While pregnant, I came to the realization that if I had to stop using certain products that I was putting on my skin daily, chances were they weren't that healthy for me. 

I discovered these two skin care lines, Blissoma and Lira Clinical, and found that there was a "cure" for my skin conditions and feel it is my duty to share these with others. Both lines have plant based ingredients that are locally sourced within the USA. I trust these lines to share with family and friends. I even use Blissoma products on my toddler for her ezcema. 

 Achieving balanced, clear, and healthy skin is a process that requires time and dedication. There is no quick fix. I enjoy working with others on their journey to achieve happy skin. Just like you brush your teeth twice daily and go to see a dentist for big cleanings, I encourage you to follow a personalized skin care regimen at home and be treated by a licensed Esthetician at a minimum a few times a year, ideally monthly. Together we can accomplish your glowing skin  goals.  As a working mom, I understand there is not always time for yourself.  That's why I offer a virtual consultation! This way you can get a professional opinion without having to go to an actual spa that is a luxury we don't all have the time for.  

I take a holistic view to skin care, meaning I believe that health conditions, medications, diet, lifestyle, products and treatments all tie together and are presented on the skin's surface. My objective is to work with you to achieve flawless skin by enhancing your natural beauty. Utilizing Skype or FaceTime technology a consultation is completed where we discuss your medical history, product use, past treatments, and skin goals. Based on that consultation a recommendation of products is made as well as treatments to seek out in your area. I believe that celebrating success is necessary to keep us moving forward, so follow up sessions are also conducted based upon the individual needs of each client.I look forward to joining you on your journey to beautiful, healthy skin!

 I began this journey back in 2011.  I completed my esthetics certification in 2012 after graduating from New York Institute of Beauty. I have helped thousands of people from diverse backgrounds with various skin conditions to achieve happy, healthy and glowing skin.  I look forward to working with you.  We can nourish your skin to flourish!