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  • Men's Skin Care Kept Simple

    Take care of what the world see’s first- your skin! Men’s Skin Care Don’t be overwhelmed- you don’t need a multitude of products that clutter the b...
  • The importance of Vitamin C during stressful times

    Let’s talk about some antioxidant rich products that can help your skin during stressful times.  The key ingredient is Vitamin C.  It is a potent a...
  • Stress and how it can impact us

    During stressful times our whole body can be affected, including hair, nails and skin.  Stress causes a chemical response in the body that makes th...
  • Why is MYSTIQ iLuminating Polisher so unique?

    There are 2 key components when trying to achieve radiant skin: exfoliation and hydration.  Lira Clinical’s award winning MYSIQ iLuminating Polishe...
  • Winterize your skin

    Its time to winterize your skincare...see which products are suggested.
  • Top 5 reasons to consult with a licensed professional skin care expert.

    Top 5 reasons to work with a certified esthetician