Collection: Lira Clinical ICE

Clarifying ~ Balancing ~ Oil Control

Beautifully balance skin through a unique approach utilizing powerful anti-inflammatory, brightening, and redness reducing ingredients. These products are designed to balance skin's micro-biome while optimizing skin health through topical probiotic technology. Lira's exclusive use of the natural resin, Mastiha, prevents future pigment formation and evens skin tone.  A healing peptide delivery system offers active agents a skin-friendly pathway clarifying skin's complexion. 

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6 products
  • Lira Clinical-ICE Line~ Clarifying Treatment
    serum to treat breakouts and clear complexion
  • Lira Clinical- ICE Line~Sal Cleanser
    clarifying cleanser for oily or acne prone skin
  • Lira Clinical-ICE Line~ Balancing Lotion
    non-drying oil controlling lotion prevents pore clogging
  • Lira Clinical-ICE Line~ Refining Masque
    charcoal and clay mask that helps to detoxify and purify the skin
  • Lira Clinical-ICE Line~ Clear Stick
    resolve those unwanted blemishes quickly with this spot treatment that fits in any bag
  • Lira Clinical-ICE Line~ Clarifying Scrub
    gentle exfoliating scrub for acne prone skin