Top 5 reasons to consult with a licensed professional skin care expert.

Why work with a certified esthetician?

Top 5 reasons to consult with a licensed professional skin care expert. 

top 5 reasons to work with a certified esthetician

1. Extensive study builds incredible skills to keep skin beautiful.

You wouldn’t let someone who has only seen lawyers argue cases in movies defend you in court, nor would you let someone who has only worked a table saw a couple of times build you a house. This would devalue the time, experience, and study that a professional puts in. Along those same lines, an average person is not enough to be a skin care expert to help you determine the best skincare products or treatments needed for you to obtain optimal glowing, healthy skin. 

Estheticians attend school to learn about the biology of the skin, how it builds and feeds cells, and how best to “treat” various skin conditions.Different states have varying requirements for how long an esthetician will study before they can apply for licensing, but the national average is 650 hours.There are then numerous continuing education classes to further knowledge about various services, products and treatments. The best estheticians maintain a constant passion for learning about skin, the body and the skincare industry especially since it is ever evolving. 

I personally completed a 600-hour esthetics certification course, completed a state board exam and hands on practical just to get licensed. Since that time in 2012, I have completed various continuing education course such as becoming laser technician certified, eyelash extension certified through Liquifan, and Microblding certified through Baltic Brows. I have attended countless courses and trainings for all the various products lines I have used including SkinCeuticals, Revision, Topix and Lira Clinical. There is always more to learn as new scientific studies come out and new technologies are introduced. With ever-evolving information it is invaluable to work with someone who is keeping current with the esthetics field.

In addition, an esthetician will spend many hours working directly with clients who have a wide variety of skin types and skin problems.  All the situations I have seen help improve my knowledge base.  I have probably seen someone with your exact problem before and have already solved it or at least have identified ways to work with it.  That means you get the benefit of all that experience!

2. Estheticians know the right skincare products at the right time for the right people.

The skin care industry knows the average person is not a chemist or a skin care professional. They put products in pretty packages and highlight certain buzz word ingredients to get your attention but unfortunately that isn’t always the right product for your individualized needs. It is a difficult task for a shopper to stay informed.Reading articles by bloggers and magazines mostly focus on trends.  But the trendy ingredients might not be right for your skin.

Without the knowledge of a trained esthetician you are shooting in the dark when you try to purchase skincare products from the vast sea of options out there.  People spend a lot of time and money guessing and hoping which products might be right for them. I think we have all been guilty of having the graveyard drawer in our bathrooms with various cosmetics and skincare products that either didn’t work or caused an adverse reaction.  

I have taken the time to research Blissoma and Lira Clinical ingredients and understand the best ways to use them, and who they are right for. Let me save you some money, frustration and time. Let’s get to the right products for your specific needs!

choosing the right product for the right skin concerns

3. Esthetician’s have access to professional grade, higher quality, stronger potency products.

Estheticians can purchase and give you access to unique, stronger and better-quality skincare products that the general public can’t get. The herb extracts, nutrients, and delivery system in a professional grade product like Blissoma and Lira Clinical are generally superior to products created for mass market distribution in drug, grocery, and department stores. I am a small business that generally cares about your outcome and results. I take pride in providing a quality product that delivers plant-based botanicals, nutritious extracts, and locally sourced ingredients that really work.

4. Faster is not always better.

Our world has become rushed and impatient, and people often fail to appreciate the value of investing time into something to get an amazing desired outcome. The journey to beautiful, healthy skin is a process that does not occur over night.  You will not hear me make false promises of instant results with some beauty potion. If you are interested in going on this journey with me to glowing, radiant skin I am more than excited to help you but know that it takes time to get there.

relaxing facial

5.Getting a Facial Feels Amazing!

Sometimes the only reason you need to do something is simply that it feels good.  Facials performed by a licensed esthetician are a sustainable and luxurious treat with no drawbacks.  Many first-time facial customers are so happy afterward that they wonder why they took so long to get one in the first place.  Relaxing in caring hands is deeply comforting in a world filled with stress and anxiety.  A facial room is a safe and tranquil retreat for you to enjoy.  The soft music, ambient lighting, warm towels, and natural aromas all combine to lull and delight your senses.  You often emerge from a facial treatment with restored, hydrated, firmed and glowing skin. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find an esthetician and invest in a professional facial treatment. I would be happy to help you find a local esthetician near you that utilizes Blissoma and Lira Clinical products that can help continue your journey to happy and healthy skin.

“The best time to start was yesterday.  The second-best time is right now!”

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